Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spurs-Hornets -- Prediction

First off, the Hornets are good (I predicted them to beat the Mavs). They won't be intimidated and they'll play their game. But it won't be enough in this series. While the Suns gave them fits, the Spurs are perfectly positioned for this matchup. Paul got a free pass at the defensive end in the first round because Kidd has become such a non-factor. Parker, however, will make him expend a lot of energy on defense.

Stojakovic, meanwhile, gets 90 percent of his scoring off of Paul. Whether it's Bowen or Udoka or Finley, the Spurs are disciplined enough to never leave him. He's a relatively easy guy to take away.

The Hornets have nobody to defend Duncan. Chandler is better off the ball and would have a hard time staying out of foul trouble checking Duncan 1-on-1. West gives up too much size to Duncan.

And we haven't even mentioned Ginobili yet ...

Spurs in 5