Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Celtics-Cavs -- Game 1 thread

This series is going to be more of the same: low scoring, grind it out, defense, etc.

Garnett finishes with 28 and hit some big shots down the stretch.

James misses a 3. Celtics win, 76-72.

Posey at the line: make, make. Celtics, 76-72. 8.5 seconds left.

James makes a great move, gets all the way to the rim, but misses another layup. He did everything but put it down. Not sure he could have dunked it, but his angle to use the board was gone and he hit the back rim. 2-for-17.

Hmm ... Do the Cavs run it down and go for 3? Trailing by two, you have to run the clock down to about five or six seconds. A 2 or a 3? Doesn't matter. Just get the best shot, but you have give yourself a chance at a tip and/or foul and try again.

Garnett over Joe Smith inside. Celtics, 74-72. 21.4 seconds.

Ilgauskas tips in LeBron's layup miss. Tie game, 72-all.

Cassell, who's playing for Rondo down the stretch again, hits two free throws. Celtics, 72-70.

James can't turn the corner going right against Pierce. First time he was called for a charge. Now he's forced into a tough layup attempt while falling out of bounds.

Garnett a deep 2. Tie game, 70-all.

Ilgauskas from James. Cavs, 70-68. 1:30 left.

Gibson for 3. Tie game, 68-all. 2:14 left.

James just picked up his 10th turnover. Gibson in the game for the Cavs. Apparently, this blog is on a live feed to an earpiece worn by Mike Brown.

Why is Daniel Gibson not in the game as the Cavs launch brick after brick?

LeBron to the rim, lefty finish. Cavs within 1, 66-65.

Wally for 3 from James. Cavs within 3, 66-63.

Cassell another jumper. Celtics, 66-60.

LeBron needs to get the hoop instead of settling for jumpers. I realize he's struggling, but this game is ripe for the taking. He needs to go get it.

Cassell for 3. Celtics, 64-60.

Ilgauskas rejects Garnett at the rim.

Cavs up, 60-59, early in the fourth quarter.

LeBron is 1-for-10 with nine turnovers. Pierce is 2-for-12 with five turnovers. Allen is 0-for-4 with three turnovers.

Celtics close the third on an 8-1 run to regain the lead, 53-52.

Wally for 3. Cavs, 51-45.

LeBron is 1-for-9 with seven turnovers, but the Cavs have come back to take the lead, 48-45, midway through the third.

Given his size, speed and strength, LeBron on the break is simply devastating. There's never been another player who attacked in the open floor quite like he does. Rarely do opponents step in to take a charge (not good for their health), but when they do he often has the agility to avoid them. There really is nothing a defender can do except let LeBron go or foul him.

Posey for 3 at the end of the first quarter. Celtics have it going at both ends, lead, 25-15.

Dick Stockton announcing a playoff game in Boston ... how cool. Where is Tommy Heinsohn? I know he's there, but couldn't TNT borrow him for a night? CBS intro music please. I don't ask for much.