Friday, May 2, 2008

Cavs-Wizards -- Game 6 thread

Cavs win, 105-88.

Wally goes for 26, Gibson for 22. They combine 10-for-19 on 3-pointers.

James out with 1:59 left. This one is over. A big triple-double for James: 27-13-13 in 44 minutes.

Wally on the break. Cavs, 102-79. 3:15 left.

Smith alone underneath from James. Cavs, 100-79.

Haywood is trash. Scouting report: Tends to foul -- a lot. End of scouting report.

Wally for 3 more. Cavs, 91-72. 22 points, 6 triples for Wally.

Ilgauskas down low. Cavs, 86-66.

Ilgauskas lob to James. Cavs, 84-66.

Butler is talking a lot for guy who is 2-for-9.

Wally for 3. Cavs, 82-64.

James takes a forearm to the mouth from Butler (not called), then a slash to arm (called). Butler then picks up a technical. James hits both free throws. Cavs, 79-64 after 3. James already has a triple-double: 18-10-10. I'd love it if James went the distance and destroyed the Wizards the rest of the way. Except for Jamison, Washington's roster is filled with punks. They need to go away.

Gibson a long 2. Cavs, 75-60. 2:02 left in the third.

James needs to put the hammer on this series right now. James rips Haywood, then follows with a block on Stevenson. Cavs, 71-58.

Two games going simultaneous tonight ... time to give the remote a workout.