Sunday, May 4, 2008

Celtics-Hawks -- Game 7 thread

Boston's 34-point margin of victory is third highest in Game 7 history.

Hawks' 29.3 percent shooting is the third lowest in Game 7 history and lowest in the shot-clock era (since 1955).

Celtics win, 99-65.

Impressive performance by the Celtics, who clearly overwhelmed the Hawks from the opening tip. For Atlanta, it's one thing if you're not good enough, but not giving a supreme effort is embarrassing.

Boston's starters will take off the entire fourth quarter.

Celtics, 79-43, after 3.

Posey dunks on the break. Celtics, 79-41.

Allen and 1. Celtics, 70-34.

With the Celtics up 30, Garnett and Allen are diving on the floor for loose balls.

Garnett inside. Celtics, 60-30. Boston's reserves are standing.

Allen for 3. Celtics, 56-28.

Williams clotheslines Rondo on the break. It's a flagrant 2, automatic ejection. This play was somewhat similar to McHale's takedown of Rambis in Game 4 of the 1984 Finals. Williams never made a play on the ball, not a clean play.

Garnett again. Celtics, 51-28.

Pierce for 3 to open the third. Celtics, 47-26.

If maintained for a full game, Atlanta's 26.3 percent shooting would be the second lowest in Game 7 history.

Hawks' 10-point second quarter matches the record for fewest ever points in the second quarter of a Game 7 (1948 St. Louis Bombers vs. Philadelphia Warriors, which was pre-shot clock era).

Celtics lead at the half, 44-26. Hawks shooting 26 percent with 10 turnovers and just four free-throw attempts.

Is Josh Smith awake? He can't hang onto the ball, can't dribble, and just shot an airball.

Garnett inside. Celtics, 42-23.

Celtics very active on defense, taking away multiple options, lead, 40-23.

Garnett inside. Celtics, 36-20.

P.J. Brown with a block, Cassell with a steal, Brown with an offensive rebound. Celtics dominating in every phase. Boston, 34-18.

Cassell a short pull-up. Celtics, 30-16.

Pierce for 3. Celtics, 27-16, after 1. Hawks just shooting 26 percent. Celtics holding a 17-8 edge on the boards, and Perkins has eight points, six rebounds and two blocked shots.

Johnson hits back-to-back 3s, but Perkins is killing the Hawks inside with eight early points.

Hawks look tentative, nervous, overwhelmed, etc. They're 4-for-18 from the field, not decisive in their actions, and they aren't running either.

Allen on the break. Celtics, 20-10. Another standing ovation.

Celtics pounding the offensive glass with five already. Garnett follows Pierce's miss. Celtics, 16-8.

The Hawks missed one layup, but everything else in their 2-for-8 start has been from the perimeter. They have to get more aggressive.

Another offensive rebound for Boston, which leads 10-5. First standing ovation in Boston.

Celtics strong on the offensive glass with two putbacks. Celtics up, 6-3.

Johnson for 3 to open.

Ozzy's Crazy Train and Guns N' Roses' Welcome to the Jungle take us to tipoff.

I suppose this is somewhat obvious, but Atlanta really needs to withstand what should be a strong surge by the Celtics right out of the gate. The Hawks haven't been competitive in any of the three games in Boston in this series. A slow start would be another killer.

Hawks player introductions accompanied by Led Zeppelin's Kashmir. Can't recall that before, but it works.

Breen-Jackson-Van Gundy. This is going to be fun.