Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hornets-Spurs -- Game 4

Spurs win comfortably, 100-80. They are better positioned to win in New Orleans now than they were in Game 1 and Game 2.


Key adjustments by Popovich.

* Switching Bowen onto Stojakovic. Accepting that Paul will get certain point-assist totals regardless of who's guarding him, the Spurs are manning up with Parker and helping the best they can. But Peja gets almost all of his points when guys help off of him or via the break trailer. Bowen is taking away both of those options.

* Giving the Hornets an early, large and steady dose of Parker, who is being as aggressive as ever.

* Properly spacing the floor to give Duncan easy angles to find 3-point shooters when the double-teams come, which is on every catch. Look for the Hornets to delay the doubles, perhaps on the first or second dribble. I'm sure Duncan and the Spurs are preparing for this (i.e., not holding the ball, going 1-on-1 immediately).