Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Celtics-Pistons -- Prediction

A couple of things stand out here ...

1) These Celtics are not the same ones who went 66-16 during a historic regular season. Ray Allen is a shadow of the all-star he used to be. They've been very good at home, but were fortunate to escape Cleveland in Game 7. On the road, meanwhile, they've been abysmal.

2) It's impressive that through two rounds the Pistons have yet to begin what's become their annual "in-fighting, it's Flip's fault routine." Have they matured? Are they trying to set a good example for the kids (i.e., Stuckey, Maxiell)?

If Detroit gives an even effort throughout, they'll win one game in Boston and wrap up this series at home.

Pistons in 6