Monday, May 5, 2008

Hornets-Spurs -- Game 2 thread

Hornets win, 102-84. Paul with 30 points and 12 assists, and he led another huge third quarter that turned the game in New Orleans' favor.

Peja for 3. Hornets, 92-76. This one is over. Again, the Hornets are more athletic, more active, more efficient, better shooters, better rebounders, etc. The Spurs are going home for two games, but right now it is hard to imagine these games going any differently. New Orleans has advantages in so many areas.

Ginobili for 3. Spurs within nine, 85-76.

Hornets lead after 3, 78-64.

Peja for 3. Hornets, 70-56.

Paul two more at the line. Hornets, 67-54.

Paul for 3. Hornets, 63-53.

Peja for 2. Hornets, 52-43. 10-0 run.

Peterson for 3. Hornets lead, 50-43. 8-0 run.

Chandler amazing block on Parker.

Peja for 3. Paul drives for 2. Five in a row to open the third for the Hornets, who lead, 47-43.

Parker for 3 at the buzzer. Somehow, the Spurs lead at the half, 43-42. The feeling here is that the Hornets are better, that they'll turn it up (particularly Paul) in the second half. Can the Spurs keep up? San Antonio's pick-and-roll game is producing nothing. Parker and Ginobili can't get to the hoop. Although better, Duncan is ordinary. If things stay the same, their entire fate this series will come down to making 3-point shots (3-for-14 in the first half). They're completely being forced into something they don't want.

Wright again for 3. Hornets, 40-36.

The Spurs are not sharp. They either miss an open shot, or more often run a poor set that results in a turnover or the wrong guy forcing.

Peja for 3. Hornets, 34-31.

Julian Wright for 3. Tie game, 31-all.

Paul back in the game. Hornets down, 29-26.

Ginobili to Udoka on the break. Spurs, 29-22.

Ginobili hits two straight jumpers to open the second. Spurs, 27-22.

Somehow, the Spurs lead after 1, 23-22. They shot 38 percent, including 1-for-7 on 3s. Paul leads the Hornets with eight points (4-for-5) and four assists.

Ginobili has three turnovers in six minutes.

Ginobili says his ankle is fine, but he lacks his usual explosion on drives. In fact, he isn't attacking the rim at all. He comes off the pick-and-roll looking to pass and has basically become a standstill 3-pointer shooter.

With West struggling at the start, Paul is aggressive looking for his shot.

Duncan still has no lift on rebounds.

Two fouls on Chandler in the first 5:28.

Paul two in a row in the lane. Hornets, 8-4.

Chandler rejects Parker at the rim.

Bowen on Paul. Thomas on West.

Albert and Miller again. Ugh.