Sunday, April 20, 2008

Magic-Raptors -- Game 1 thread

Orlando wins, 114-100. A lot will be made of the fact that the Magic were so hot from 3-point range, which enabled them to build a big lead and coast for the most part. But they also worked through Howard, who had a monster game with 25-22 and five blocks. Toronto has no answer for this.

Magic comfortably in front again, 100-86.

Howard two more rebound follows. 25 points, 19 rebounds for Howard. After Raptors get within 5, Orlando responds with an 8-0 run to get it back to 13.

Turkoglu scores on the block and Howard gets a dunk. Magic back up by 9, 92-83.

Kapono again for 3. Raptors within 5, 88-83. 10 minutes left.

Toronto within 7, 78-71. Great back-door pass from Calderon.

Raptors hanging around, down 9, 78-69, 2:32 to go.

I'm shocked that Calderon isn't getting most of the minutes ahead of Ford at the point guard spot. The Raptors are much better with Calderon on the floor.

Charles Barkley said at halftime, "One thing about 3s, you can't make them all day." Taking that to heart, the Raptors open the second half in another zone. Orlando has cooled off. Bosh converts a 3-point play, taking the hit from Howard. Magic, 62-53.

Raptors get two more buckets and the Magic go scoreless the final four minutes of the second quarter. Magic, 60-47, at the break.

Kapono drills back-to-back 3-pointers. Raptors within 17, 60-43. 3:06 to go in the half.

Turkoglu just pump-faked a 3, crossed-over on his way to the rim and dunked. Bogans adds a long 3. Magic, 54-31.

Magic go 9-for-11 from 3, 16-for-20 (80 percent) overall, and lead, 43-23.

With his third 3-pointer, Evans makes it 32-17 with 3:49 to go. That's a lot of points.

Lewis takes Bosh off the dribble on consecutive trips. Magic, 29-17.

I'm a better shooter than T.J. Ford.

Another 3-pointer, this one from Maurice Evans. Magic, 25-14.

Magic make their first seven shots from the field, including four 3-pointers, and lead 18-8, four minutes in. Sam Mitchell, who has went both man-to-man and zone so far, looks confused.

The Raptors start Nesterovic and Bargnani. Can you win a playoff series like this?