Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cavs-Wizards -- Game 1 thread

Cavs win, 93-86. Two evenly matched teams, outcome in doubt with two minutes to go. LeBron hit the two baskets to put Cleveland over the top. Look for several more games of this.

Cavs are going to win, up 91-84 with 15.1 seconds left. Winner of Game 1 goes on to win 79 percent of series.

Caron Butler misses a 3-pointer, Wizards now 3-for-19 from the field in the fourth quarter.

Chants of M-V-P, M-V-P in Cleveland, but LeBron misses two free throws that would have iced this one. Cavs, thanks to LeBron's NBA-leading 8.6 fourth-quarter scoring average, led the NBA with 27 come-from-behind wins in the fourth quarter this season.

Back-to-back LeBron runners, using an off-ball screen both times, to cut through the lane, taking passes from Daniel Gibson to finish strong. Cavs, 88-84 with 55.3 seconds to go.

Stevenson, 0-for-8 from the floor, finally connects on a 3-pointer. 82-82, 5:02 to go.

Wizards, down 77-73 with 7:24 left, are in the bonus the rest of the way.

LeBron back into the game, 9:04 to go. Tie game at 73. The Cavs would take this situation every game the entire playoffs.

With LeBron lying down on the floor on the sidelines to rest his back starting the fourth quarter (not a good sign), Gibson knocks down a 3 (a good sign). Cavs back in front, 73-70.

Cleveland's third-quarter-closing lineup: Delonte West, Devin Brown, Joe Smith, Anderson Varejao, Daniel Gibson. This is not a playoff team. Wizards, 69-65, after 3.

Antawn Jamison just buried a 3-pointer and Arenas followed with a 2. 9-0 run for the Wizards, who have come back to lead, 65-61. LeBron had no field-goal attempts during the run.

ESPN analyst Rick Carlisle just said that this series is the most intriguing first-round series he's seen in 24-some years. Wow. The intensity and brewing hatred is making it better than otherwise, but c'mon Rick. Better than Spurs-Suns and Mavs-Hornets this year?

Three more dunks for LeBron, 11 points in the quarter, 23 in the game. Cavs, 59-54. Wonder if DeShawn Stevenson still thinks LeBron is overrated?

LeBron opens the third quarter with a layup, a free throw and a jumper. Cavs, 51-48.

Halftime, 46-46. First half of Game 1, early for the hatred to come out. Look out.

With 1.3 seconds to go in the first half, an offensive foul for an illegal screen is called on Brendan Haywood, who then briefly stands over LeBron as LeBron tries to get up. The two get tangled up and push away from each other. Other players rush in. Assistant coaches quickly turn to make sure bench players remain on the sidelines. Three technical fouls are called.

Delonte West just barely grazed iron on two consecutive jump shots. Wonder if Mike Brown drew up those plays.

LeBron just flushed an alley-oop pass from Daniel Gibson, a play that only LeBron could have made. Unreal. The pass was a bit errant and ended high in the middle of the lane. At full speed, LeBron rose up, cupped it back and threw it down with tremendous force. It appeared to even impress the man himself. I love this game. Wizards lead down to two, 40-38.

Arenas, who called himself an assassin and trouble, just buried two more 3-pointers. He has four triples already. Wizards lead, 30-19.

James, who played the entire first quarter, starts the second quarter on the bench. Cavs first two possessions were -- surprise! -- missed shots: a clear-out runner and 3-pointer from Devin Brown. Ugh. LeBron needs to play the entire game. Every game.

Arenas just buried a rhythm 3-pointer from the top about 10 feet beyond the line. Wizards lead 24-19 after one.

James responds with hard drives on the next two possessions, gets trips to the free-throw line.

LeBron James just got hammered in the face on a drive to the hoop. No call. Wizards score at the other end to grab their first lead, 19-17. A different Eddie Jordan is coaching this team. Washington is much more physical and much more determined to get the ball out of James' hands early.

Arenas shoots first air ball, 3:10 to go first quarter.

Gilbert Arenas comes in with 3:42 to go in the first quarter; Wizards trailing 15-12.

Great start to the NBA playoffs on ESPN, audio difficulties at opening tip. Might not be a bad thing, however. With eight series going, we've got JV C team broadcasting crews.

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