Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lakers-Nuggets -- Game 1 thread

Lakers win , 128-114. Hard to believe they actually struggled for a portion of the first half. They carved up the Nuggets' porous defense. L.A had 33 assists on 46 baskets. Gasol finishes with 36 points, 16 rebounds and 8 assists.

Iverson was just ejected. Lakers up 118-107. This one's over.

Iverson running layup drills right now, three in a row. Nuggets close within nine, 114-105. Three minutes left.

J.R. Smith splits Bryant and Farmar on the break, and 1. Nuggets within 10, 101-91.

Gasol with two more dunks. He has 32. Lakers lead, 87-73.

Radmanovic hits a 3-pointer to give the Lakers their largest lead, 81-67.

Kobe with a long 2. Lakers lead, 73-60.

Kobe is 2-for-12 and the Lakers are up 7, 65-58. This shows just how deep they are.

As expected, L.A. adjusts and responds. Lakers back in front at the half, 58-56. Gasol has 18 points, seven rebounds and five assists.

The Lakers biggest concern in this series is here now: no defense. Right now they're playing less defense than the Nuggets, which didn't seem possible. Nuggets in rhythm, 47-40.

J.R. Smith explodes to the basket, and 1. Nuggets zone defense has troubled the Lakers, who look confused on offense. Nuggets, 41-33.

Kleiza buries back-to-back 3-pointers. Nuggets lead, 34-30.

Lakers lead, 26-22, after 1.

Fans just chanted "D-U-I" with Anthony at the foul line. Lame.

Gasol a short jumper. Lakers, 21-11.

Lakers ball movement is crisp early. Odom and Gasol both take extra passes and dunk. LA, 15-9.

Kobe guarding Iverson.

Mark Jackson just noted that this season was Kobe's best because he trusted his teammates. I hate this line of thinking. No, Kobe's teammates finally were good enough to trust. Would you have trusted Smush Parker or Kwame Brown? Me neither. It's far easier to trust players who have skills and abilities to help your team.