Monday, April 28, 2008

Lakers-Nuggets -- Game 4 thread

Four-game sweep. Nuggets become first 50-win team to be swept in the first round. Great start to the postseason for the Lakers, who have the hunger and mind-set to take this all the way. It's highly unlikely that Bynum will return, but the Lakers appear to have enough talent to get it done.

Kobe 0-for-2 at the line. Lakers, 107-101. Final.

Kobe 2-for-2 at the line. Lakers, 107-101.

Nuggets in scramble mode for no reason. They aren't composed or organized, and had no clue about ball-time-situation there. Lakers go Kobe-Odom-Gasol, who dunks. Lakers, 105-101,

Camby for 3. Nuggets within 2, 103-101.

Bryant a runner off glass. Lakers, 103-98. 40.7 seconds to go.

Nene on a follow. Nuggets within 3, 101-98.

Bryant makes 1 of 2. Lakers, 101-96.

Anthony fouls Bryant 40 feet from the basket with 1:19 left. Anthony fouls out. A super-talented player who just doesn't get it. He has No. 1 option talent, but can't be trusted or counted upon to deliver. He isn't a leader and has no discipline.

Walton corner 3. Lakers, 100-96. 2:37 left.

Kobe deep 2. Lakers, 97-96.

Smith steal, layup, and 1. Nuggets lead, 96-95, 3:23 left.

Smith for 3 from 28 feet. Lakers, 95-93.

Kobe and 1. Lakers, 95-90.

Kobe for 3, after a ridiculous 2, fading against the shot clock. Lakers, 93-90.

Lakers are going to Gasol for isolations on the block -- not his strength. He's missed twice in a row. They need to get him on the move, cutting off the ball.

Odom and 1 on the block past Kleiza. Lakers, 88-85.

85-all. 6:30 to go.

Lakers lead after 3, 79-77.

Nuggets have come back from 10 down at the half to lead, 73-71.

DJ Mbenga just dunked Kobe's missed free throw. Lakers, 41-29. Apparently, it's difficult to focus on free-throw block-outs this time of year. Just another game for the Nuggets, right?

Lakers lead, 32-23, after 1. This quarter looks exactly like the rest of the series: Lakers move the ball, get good shots. Nuggets don't move the ball, end up with difficult shots. Unless the Lakers fall apart offensively or their top six guys go down injured, we're 36 minutes away from a sweep.