Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spurs-Mavs -- Game 1 thread

Mavs win, 105-97.

Thoughts on Game 1 ...

* Rick Carlisle is a big improvement.

* The Spurs' new supporting cast needs get in playoff mode in a hurry.

* JJ Barea just might the biggest difference-maker in this series: 13 points, 3 assists, game-best +17, 0 turnovers in 26 minutes.

Nowitzki 2 in a row. Mavs, 99-89.

Mason for 3. Spurs within 7, 95-88.

Dampier tip-in. Mavs, 95-83.

Barea runner. Mavs, 93-83.

Barea 3-point play. Mavs, 91-83.

Spurs led league in defensive rebound percentage, but have been hurt by key rebounds in the second half tonight.

Wonder if rookie George Hill will get playing time to slow Barea.

In addition to his offense and strong +/-, Barea is playing down the stretch ahead of Kidd, and just drew a second offensive foul on Parker.

Duncan 3-point play. Spurs within 3, 86-83.

Wright for 3. Mavs, 86-80.

Parker for 3. Spurs down 1, 81-80.

Barea currently +11 for the game.

Barea against the clock. Mavs, 81-77.

Wright a tough 3-point play. Mavs, 79-77.

Mason for 3 to the serenade of Welcome to the Jungle. Spurs, 77-74.

No coach dislikes the end-quarter interviews more than Popovich.

End of three quarters. 74-all.

Duncan again off glass, 9-0 run. 72-all.

Duncan two in a row, Mason a 3. Spurs within 2, 72-70.

Duncan is a legend, but he complains way too much about non-calls.

Mavs shooting better than 70 percent in the third, lead, 72-63.

Howard 2-for-2 at the line. Mavs, 70-63.

Spurs suffering numerous breakdowns at the defensive end. Bonner could not play a worse game.

Howard for 3. Mavs, 64-61.

Howard is on fire: eight in the quarter, 20 in the game. Mavs, 57-54.

Nowitzki from the baseline. Mavs, 51-49.

Howard and Barea score to open the half. 49-all.

Spurs should be a little concerned ... They shot 49 percent, only had two turnovers, and held Nowitzki to five points in just 14 minutes, yet only lead by four.

Howard six in a row for the Mavs, who trail at the break, 49-45.

Terry a deep 3 from the top. Mavs back within 6, 45-39.

Spurs are the best at closing out shooters and running them off the 3-point line.

Gooden over Kidd in the post. Spurs, 39-26.

Nowitzki picks up his third foul with 8:28 to go in second quarter and Mavs down 33-24.

Gooden inside. Spurs, 33-24.

No scoring on the floor for the Spurs, whose drought reaches 2:18.

Mason deep 3 to close the quarter. Spurs, 29-18.

Udoka drives for 2. Spurs, 26-16.

Corner 3 by Bowen. Spurs, 24-16.

Not sure why teams help on Kidd's drive anymore. Make him finish at the rim.

Parker drives for 2. Spurs, 18-13.

Parker drives for 2. Spurs, 16-13.

I know it's early, but hard to imagine the Spurs won't get any shot they want the entire series against the Mavs defense. Spurs, 14-10.

Parker missing early, but five trips inside the paint in the first 4:30. Spurs, 11-7.

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