Thursday, June 5, 2008

Celtics-Lakers join elite company

Boston won 66 games. With Pau Gasol in the lineup, Los Angeles was 22-5, which projects to 66.8 wins. Prior to this season, on only 10 occasions had teams won 66 or more games. It's quite an accomplishment. Here's a look at those 10 teams and how their seasons ended:

Year Team----Record----Outcome
1967 76ers-------68-13-----won title
1971 Bucks-------66-16----won title
1972 Lakers------69-13----won title
1973 Celtics------68-14-----lost East finals
1986 Celtics------67-15-----won title
1992 Bulls--------67-15-----won title
1996 Bulls--------72-10-----won title
1997 Bulls--------69-13-----won title
2000 Lakers-----67-15-----won title
2007 Mavs-------67-15-----lost first round